Maserati MC20 Cielo

I was lucky enough to see the Maserati MC20 super sports car in April 2022 when I was visiting Scotland, in a showroom in Hamilton, a rare find as it was the only MC20 in the UK at the time. An incredibly special experience from an incredibly special supercar.

Now a few weeks later Maserati has launched the MC20 Cielo, the Spyder version of this one-of-a-kind true performance supercar. MC stands for Maserati Corsa (Racing) and the 20 refers to 2020 the year the brand’s new era began. Cielo meaning Sky, denotes the Spyder model.

This car is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine, providing the Cielo the perfect mix of sportiness and luxury and a very special feature, the innovative retractable glass roof. The electrochromic (smart glass) window can instantly be transformed from clear to opaque at the touch of a button on the central screen, courtesy of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) technology. The roof is also best-in-class in terms of thermal insulation and of opening and closing speed, it  takes just 12 seconds. With the roof closed and the opaque option selected, the driving experience is different from when the roof is transparent creating the feeling the roof is down.

Produced 100% in Italy, Modena, the Cielo weighs just 65kg more than the coupe version achieved through meticulous and precise work during the stages of the cars design. This along with the carbon fibre chassis offers a combination of extraordinary rigidity and handling on the road and on the track.


All design features have a useable function including the butterfly doors providing much easier access in and out of the cabin. The launch version features a new three-layer metallic colour known as Acquamarina available as part of the Fuoriserie customisation programme. A colour that interacts with light, revealing itself in a surprising way.

The new model is equipped with Active Safety Systems, parking sensors, rear-view camera, blind spot monitoring, emergency brake, traffic sign information and a new 360 degree camera. High Premium audio system with twelve speakers, Maserati Intelligent Assistant, Multimedia systems and Maserati Connect.


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